Implant Prosthetics: From Diagnosis to Delivery

Two of the three ways an implant reconstruction can fail have to do with occlusion. Understanding implant occlusion is the key to implant longevity. Implants are not teeth. You must know and respect the difference.

Topics covered in detail include:

  • The proper thought process to follow when diagnosing and treatment planning an implant reconstruction, from single tooth to full arch type cases.
  • How implant reconstructions fail, and how to avoid their failure.
  • The significance of diagnostic wax ups, Cat Scans and surgical implant placement guides.
  • The difference between how implants vs. natural teeth respond to occlusal forces.
  • Step by step procedures (from impression to delivery) for fabricating an implant supported, fixed for cement prosthesis from single tooth to full arch type cases.
  • Proper occlusal adjustments from single tooth to full arch type cases. How to create an” implant protective occlusal scheme.”
  • Proper use of a semi-adjustable articulator and face bow and why it is so important to use one.
  • The significance of healthy TMJ’s, from a diagnostic and reconstructive point of view.
  • Principles of progressive bone loading
  • Esthetics- How to make the final prosthesis look natural.
  • Post–op care… The first year is critical.
  • Detailed clinical case presentations demonstrating all of the above topics.
  • How to choose an implant system based on science
  • Fees- How to determine a proper fee per individual case.
  • Implants and the TMJ patient, what you need to know

This seminar can be offered in a one hour, half day and full day format with a specific topic and amount of information covered adjusted accordingly.

For Medical, Dental and Legal Professionals

Dr. Gittelson is available to give presentations to both small group and large audiences on TMJ, CRPS, facial pain and implant related topics. These presentations can range in time from one hour to half day to full day format.

Dr. Gittelson is also available for consultation, professional opinion and expert review and testimony regarding TMJ, CRPS, facial pain and implant related issues.