Current Seminars

Recognizing the TMJ Patient

Synopsis: The TMJ patient can present with many faces in the growing child, adolescent and adult. Facial asymmetries, dental asymmetries and dental mal-occlusions can all have their origins from a temporomandibular joint internal derangement.

Implant Prosthetics: From Diagnosis to Delivery

Two of the three ways an implant reconstruction can fail have to do with occlusion. Understanding implant occlusion is the key to implant longevity. Implants are not teeth. You must know and respect the difference.

Advanced Imaging for the “TMJ” Patient

Once it has been established that a TMJ problem exists, advanced imaging to include

maxillofacial CT and MRI is indicated. Only with advanced imaging of the hard and soft

tissue anatomy of the TMJs and surround skeletal structures can a direct and formal

diagnosis of injury and or pathology be made. All treatment options can then be offered

to the patient.

For Medical, Dental and Legal Professionals

Dr. Gittelson is available to give presentations to both small group and large audiences on TMJ, facial pain and implant related topics. These presentations can range in time from one hour to half day to full day format.

Dr. Gittelson is also available for consultation, professional opinion and expert review and testimony regarding TMJ, facial pain and implant related issues.