Advanced Imaging for the TMJ Patient from Examination to MRI

Advanced Imaging for the TMJ Patient from Examination to MRI

Synopsis: This 2 Day Lecture/Hands On Presentation Will Introduce Attendees To The Concepts And Techniques Necessary For The Acquisition and Interpretation of MRIs of the TMJs and Surrounding Anatomical Areas.


Topics covered:

  • Review of Jaw Joint Anatomy
  • How To Recognize The Face And Profile Of The TMJ Patient
  • How To Recognize The Occlusion Of A TMJ Patient
  • How To Recognize The TMJ Patient From A Full Mouth Series Of X-Rays
  • How To Recognize The TMJ Patient From A Panorex X-Ray
  • How To Recognize The Patient Who Requires Further Advanced TMJ Diagnostic Imaging
  • Understand The Significance Of Basic TMJ MRI Interpretation From A Restorative Point Of View.
  • How To Recognize Pain Patterns Of The TMJ Patient,
  • How To Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME, CRPS/RSD and Its Significance To Dentistry
  • Introduction To Regional Diagnostic Nerve Blocks


Topics covered:

  • Introduction to TMJ MRI protocol
  • Review various types of MRI images and sequences used in TMJ MRIs
  • Instructions on how to read TMJ MRIs
  • Treatment Planning the TMJ Patient based on MRI
  • Photographic template and protocol for case presentation

Hands on:

Read live MRI images on Windows computers. For Mac users please have Parallels installed.

Attendees will also learn how to create PowerPoint patient presentations.

Each attendee will receive a USB stick to use during the course and keep with detailed lecture notes, photographs, patient forms, all information necessary to begin ordering and reading TMJ MRIs, including ICD 10 and CPT codes, and actual MRIs to practice reading. Also included is information on how to communicate the TMJ MRI protocol with the radiologist.

All attendees will need to bring a laptop with PowerPoint 2010 or above installed on Windows or Mac.

Upon completion of this presentation, attendees will have the skills and armamentarium necessary to recognize the patient that has a TMJ problem, order an MRI of the TMJs, do a basic read of the MRI, and present their findings in an organized manner to your patient.

For Medical, Dental and Legal Professionals

Dr. Gittelson is available to give presentations to both small group and large audiences on TMJ, CRPS, facial pain and implant related topics. These presentations can range in time from one hour to half day to full day format.

Dr. Gittelson is also available for consultation, professional opinion and expert review and testimony regarding TMJ, CRPS, facial pain and implant related issues.